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Nott & Dagr - What is it (and what am I in for)?

Loincloth-clad Norsemen; a sentient hammer with multiple personality disorder; forgiveness; chipmunk people. A lost 80's Lee Horsley fantasy film? Close, but no. It's Team Mutiny's entry into this year's Indie Speed Run.

They gave us the words "hammer" and "forgiveness" on which to base our game, and we give you Nott and Dagr, a tale of forgiveness... and hammers.

You play a Norse warrior, named Norse Warrior, wielder of the mighty hammer aptly dubbed Nott and Dagr. Bent to its dual personality, you must nightly seek forgiveness for the wanton destruction that marks your day. Can you ever break free of its grip? What will become of you if you cannot achieve atonement? (hint: you lose the game)

By day, wreak terrible destruction on the chipmunk village, laying waste to houses, trees and fences. Bathe in the blood of the chipmunk denizens who are unfortunate enough to be caught in your path. Every ill deed will increase your Hate Meter.

By night, seek atonement by rebuilding the village and laying its dead to rest. Reduce your Hate Meter to zero in order to achieve forgiveness. Watch out for zombies and revenants, though, for their thirst for revenge cannot be quenched as easily!

Yes, this is some dramatic shit.

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